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Join us at the CubaCaribe Festival 2018

for two weekends in June! 

The 14th Annual CubaCaribe Festival, June 15-28 will feature two weeks of Caribbean dance, music and theater at three different Bay Area venues, Laney College in Oakland, and Brava Theater and Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. CubaCaribe is highly acclaimed for being the only festival to present popular, contemporary and folkloric cultural expression, religion, history, and politics of the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora. Unified by the theme, The Movements of Migration, this year festival artists will perform works examining migration throughout the Caribbean diaspora.

“The history of humanity is one of movement, of migrations in search of necessities like food, refuge, safety, a better climate and survival. Today we see the migrations of people complicated with differing ideologies of borders, nationhood and belonging” says Artistic Director Ramón Ramos Alayo. “In the Caribbean diaspora, migrations were in response to slavery and gave birth to new cultures, customs and artistic expressions, including some of the greatest master works the world has known. This hybrid, mixed and syncretized sensibility is at the heart of Caribbean culture.”

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