3 Cuban choreographers create 5 minute performance pieces in which all participants are socially distanced. 

Week 7: Virtual Performance Videos- August 15, 2020

6 minute collaborations live streamed with artists from around the Bay Area. 

Week 8: Virtual and Live Collaborations- August 29, 2020

How to sign up: 

Please follow these steps to sign up:

  • Click on artist week you would like to attend (ie: week1, week 2, etc) to Pre-register on zoom

  • Make a Donation 

  • Receive an email with Zoom link for access

  • Enjoy!


 If there any questions or concerns please contact contact@cubacaribe.org  

Past Programming 

Song Class

Songs to Obatala: Lucumí Chants From Oro Cantado 



Week 1: Class- June 27, 2020

Photo by: Kingmond Young 

Artist Talk

Art, Aesthetic and Practice


Week 2: Artist Talk-  July 11, 2020

Photo by: Mensajeros De Paloma

Artist Talk (4:00pm pst)

CINQUE, which celebrates the roots of the Afro diaspora in the Caribbean by Afro-Cuban Jazz pianist and composer Elio Villafranca.

Week 3: Artist Talk- July 18, 2020

Photo by: Cynthia Van Elk 

Photo by: Tracie Williams

Artist Talk

I am a KNOWbody

Join Adia Tamar Whitaker

as she discusses her life as a KNOWbody, and celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Àse Dance Theatre Collective. 


Week 4: Artist Talk- July 25, 2020

Dancers living and dancing in Cuba answer the same 5 questions and demo movement that they love and defines them. Dancers hail from Habana, Santiago, & Matanzas 

Week 5: Interviews shorts- August 1, 2020

Ballet Photos by: Jason Baldwin

3 Folklore artists discuss what it is like to be an Afro-Cuban artist living and working in the U.S.



Week 6: In-Depth Interviews-  August 8, 2020

Photos by: RJ Muna, Keita Hanyuda