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Photo: Keita Hanyuda

Danys 'La Mora' 

Danys “La Mora” Pérez Prades. First Dancer/Master Teacher/Choreographer/ Founder and Artistic Director of Oyu Oro Afro Cuban Experimental Dance Ensemble in New York City. 

Originally from Santiago de Cuba, Danys "La Mora" Pérez Prades is an internationally renowned master of Afro-Cuban folkloric dance. Pérez is an expert dancer, teacher, dance ethnologist and choreographer specializing in all the unique styles of Afro-Cuban Culture and of her native region of the Oriente province in Eastern Cuba, a region whose cultural richness is attributable to its infusion of Afro-Haitian influences to an already vibrant Afro-Cuban context. Pérez began her dance training at an early age with Afro-Cuban and Afro-Haitian dance ensembles. At 13, she was asked to join the renowned national folkloric ballet company, Cutumba, with which she toured internationally with the company for 18 years. In 2005, La Mora founded the artistic director of Oyu Oro, an Afro-Cuban Experimental Dance Ensemble in New York City, which she continues to run as artistic director. Danys "La Mora" Pérez is deeply invested not only in dance itself, but in spreading the knowledge and power of culture, art and history. It is for this reason that her work aims not only to be pleasing to the eye, but also enriching for the mind, body and soul.

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