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About CubaCaribe

CubaCaribe's mission is to preserve, promote and present the vibrant cultural and artistic traditions of the Caribbean and its Diaspora. Founded on the principle that dance, music, and visual art have the power to unite people of diverse perspectives, CubaCaribe fosters greater understanding and appreciation of Caribbean arts and culture.


Organizational History
CubaCaribe was co-founded in 2003 by visual artist/dancer Jamaica Itule and dancer/choreographer Ramón Ramos Alayo in order to tap into the large talent pool represented by the significant community of Cuban and Caribbean artists who live and practice in the Bay Area. Since its inception, the organization has become widely known for the diversity and quality of its programming, and its deep roots in the Diasporic community under Artistic Director Ramos's leadership.

Our vision for CubaCaribe is to become a long-lasting Bay Area arts institution, expanding the number and variety of programs, forging partnerships with arts and other local organizations and reaching more communities. We will continue to meet the changing needs of the Bay Area’s Cuban and Caribbean Diaspora arts community.

Primary Goals
• Promote and aid the preservation of time-honored, sometimes rarely seen Caribbean art forms
• Celebrate tradition while giving space for innovation
• Build a thriving community of emerging and established Caribbean artists in the Bay Area and across the nation, concentrating talent and facilitating collaboration
• Support artists who recently immigrated to the United States by providing them performing opportunities, a supportive artistic community, and an artistic and cultural connection to their homeland/roots
• Broaden/deepen cultural understanding of Caribbean Diaspora cultural expressions among under-served audiences, the Bay Area dance community, and the general public

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