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Oil and Water 2012

Alayo Dance Company, CubaCaribe’s resident dance company, unveils a new work, Oil and Water (2012) in this new work. Choreographer Ramón Ramos Alayo and his diverse performers will present a new work built about the recent oil spills in the gulf coast. The piece will draw on the strong histories of Santería, mixing Modern dance vocabulary and live Cuban Folkloric music in a unique ritual. With this project, Alayo will push his own creative boundaries and take an innovative risk through the integration of a current environmental issue and traditional sacred manifestations. The work will focus on how the pollution has destroyed oceans, animals, and humans around the globe and how we can seek salvation in the wake of such disaster. Alayo will symbolize the ocean with the Orisha Yemaya, who is the Yoruban deity of the Ocean and Salt Waters.

All choreography by Ramón Ramos Alayo  



Ramón Ramos Alayo 

PERFORMED: April 27-29, 2012 - Eighth Annual CubaCaribe Festival
Laney College,
Oakland, CA - Week 2 of festival

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