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Pierr Padilla - Projetc 3.jpg

Photo: Luis Angel Gonzales


Dancer, musician and actor.

Descendant of a family of cultural bearers and masters of Afro-Peruvian folklore, the Vasquezes.


He studied Artistic Education with an emphasis in Dance at the Escuela Nacional Superior de Folklore “José María Arguedas” (2000 - 2003). This gave him an immersive experience with the popular traditions and cultural manifestations of Peru. Later he studied Publicity at Instituto de Tecnología Aplicada “Charles Chaplin” (2004 - 2008). While attending the Institute he developed his career as a dancer and choreographer specializing in Afro-Peruvian folklore. He was a member of important dance ensembles such as Conjunto Nacional de Folklore and Teatro del Milenio among others. He also worked with renown Peruvian artists such as master Victoria Santa Cruz.


His interest to continue to develop in the performing arts lead him to become a self-taught professional musician creating his own company, Colectivo Palenke (2007), with this company he develops a stage language that combines music, dance, and Afro-Peruvian footwork. Later he realizes other musical projects like Mandinga Project (2014) and Cambalache, La Fiesta Afroperuana (2016). Among the musical productions, he has recorded the song “El Surco” on the album “A Chabuca”, interpreted by the Uruguayan singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler, whom Pierr has shared the stage with (2013 and 2018), his participation as Zapateador stands out. This song was nominated to Record of the Year at the 18th Annual Latin Grammy Awards (2017).


In his career, he has made artistic cultural tours in the continents of America, Asia and Europe which have allowed him to connect to different cultures gaining fundamental experiences for his artistic development and for his work as teacher and cultural agent. 

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